Matriculation: 78 students welcomed into Martin Luther Health Training School Kintampo (MLHTS-Kintampo) Family


Bono East Regional Director encourages students to be results oriented.

An eventful matriculation ceremony on Saturday, May 20th was capped off with speeches from the Chancellor and Proprietor, Dr. Wilfred Agbenyikey and Keynote Speaker and Guest of Honor, Dr. Fred Adomako Boateng, the Bono East Regional Director of Health Service.


 “For me as the Regional Director [of Bono East Region] I believe in results when the time comes for you to work for Ghana Health
Service. Are you going to be that person to give me results?” Dr. Adomako Boateng asked the matriculants.

In his remarks, Dr. Adomako Boateng impressed upon the new MLHTS-Kintampo students seated at the forecourt at the old campus that this day is the start of something incredible. “Note, that to be able to serve as a healthcare professional you must have passion and commitment”, he said.   “I am particularly interested in what this class is going to become, therefore, I shall be following up on you to see if you are studying hard to achieve your aim.”

In his address, the Chancellor/Director and Proprietor Dr. Wilfred Agbenyikey reminded the students of the ethos and camaraderie of MLHTS-Kintampo – a student body which includes representatives from 13 out of the 16 regions of Ghana!

“I bring you greetings from Dr. Maame Agbenyikey, the Co-Proprietor of the school” the Chancellor begun his speech. “Today, I will spend my time addressing you the students on one thing: the culture of MLHTS-Kintampo, also called the hidden curriculum. This hidden curriculum is  what sets us apart from other tertiary institutions” Dr. Agbenyikey said “at MLHTS-Kintampo we have a culture of hygiene and self-belief! When I say hygiene, I mean both environmental hygiene and personal hygiene. I also mean behavioral and lifestyle choices and cultural mores that influence health.” Dr. Agbenyikey
implored the students to make hygiene the priority of their lives. “We have no
business to be in Healthcare if we can’t be ambassadors of cleanliness by showing it in our daily practices.”

Dr. Wilfred Agbenyikey ended his speech by advising the matriculants to be guided by the Be  Know Do leadership model.

In the chairman’s remarks, Hon. Dr. Owusu Achaw Duah, the Director of Martin Luther Training School Systems and Luther College of Health Professions in Accra, took his turn to impart some wisdom into the 78 admitted students.

“I must say my heart is glad to see how far this school has come” he said. “I’m particularly interested in how diverse your class is. Being part of such a diverse class will benefit you for decades to come. What you learn from each other is just as valuable as the academic education you receive from your lecturers. Soak in every experience, especially if it’s different from your own. You will grow in ways you never imagined.”

The principal of MLHTS-Kintampo, Mr. Ishaq Alhassan Meriga, led the swearing in of the Matriculation oath. Registrar and Head of Academics, Mr. Umar Sidibe Jibreel led the swearing in and inauguration of the new SRC executives. Andrew Koomson, the new SRC president, in his acceptance speech, beseeched the students do what is right all the time, especially when no one is watching.

The day ended with a trip to and  lunch at the Kintampo Waterfalls