Halimatu Mohammed

I am Halimatu Mohammed a level 200 student of the medical laboratory science submitting my application for the George Agbenyikey Memorial Scholarships, which is available to aid students of Martin Luther Health Training School who are in dare need of financial support to complete their programme of study.

During my basic education, I developed an interest in the field of medical laboratory science. I have always been driven by a desire for conducting tests and delivering positive outcomes to ensure quality patient care. My interest in the programme has been further influenced by the death of my friend due to an incorrect blood transfusion. I aim to complete the programme and further my education to pursue Doctor of Medical laboratory science. As my goal is to become a medical laboratory scientist.

My family’s living situation has been the main obstacle to achieving a high degree of education, nevertheless. Due to this and the costs associated with my schooling, I constantly struggle to make ends meet.

I am still determined to work toward my goal of becoming a medical laboratory scientist. I have faith in my desire to learn, and I am confident that I will be more than eager to put in the necessary effort to succeed at the College. Given that I am still seeking for ways to make money to pay for my academic expenses, the financial support provided by your scholarship grant would be of great benefit to me. Nothing of the money will be wasted if I am fortunate enough to receive a scholarship.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Enclosed with my application is my admission letter and school fees for level 200 medical laboratory science.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Halimatu Mohammed