Baa-oor Domba-Nuur Kennedy

I am Baa-oor Domba-Nuur Kennedy, a student at the Martin Luther Health Training School in Kintampo pursuing a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science. I am writing to seek for a George Agbenyikey Memorial Scholarships so that I can continue my tertiary education.

I have been paying for my own education, including the cost of the clinical practices during the semester breaks, the purchase of handouts, and on-campus meals. I come from a financially unstable family, and on top of that, I was raised by a single parent; my father tried his best to support me, but he was unable to do so and abandoned me at a young age, handing me over to my mother.

Having encountered real-world situations during my level 100 holiday clinicals at the district hospital in Kintampo South, Jema and I have the courage and confidence to pursue career as medical laboratory technicians. I want to continue my study in order to earn a doctorate and work as a biomedical scientist.

I wish to make every effort to convey the full scope of the health sector’s activities. I am determined to work hard and ensure quality of healthcare is accessibility to all especially to the less privileged ones.

My need for financial support stems from the fact that I still need to find a means to pay for my tuition; as a result, the scholarship money would be very beneficial to me. No money will be wasted if I am fortunate enough to receive a scholarship.

I would appreciate a discussion meeting to elaborate more into details of my application and hope for your aid. Enclosed is a copy of my admission letter and school fees for the academic year.


Baa-oor Domba-Nuur Kennedy