Scholarship Information

  1. The George Agbenyikey Memorial Academic Scholarship
  2. The George Agbenyikey Memorial Adopt-a-Student Programme

MLHTS-Kintampo Campus offers both full and partial scholarships to both students in need of financial support or from low income families and students with high academic achievement. These scholarship programs were established to honor the memory of George Agbenyikey (1935 -1994), the former Principal of the RTHS-Kintampo, an eye specialist of Kintampo Hospital, and a Country Research Director of Sight Savers International in Ghana.

The George Agbenyikey Memorial Academic Scholarship – There are 3 scholarships available, one full scholarship and two partial scholarships to students in high academic standing regardless of financial status to encourage MLHTS-Kintampo Campus students to compete to their highest potential. Students who win this scholarship must maintain a high level of academic success during the following semester in order to keep his/her scholarship in the following semester.

The George Agbenyikey Memorial Adopt-a-Student Programme – In partnership with NGOZI, a nonprofit NGO in the USA, this programme’s mission is to look for donors who are interested in having a direct contact with our student enrollees to support them either fully or partially with heir payment of school fees, feeding, hostel and boarding fees and other school-related activities.

Student enrollees must provide the school with a little background about themselves, pictures, and videos for us to share with potential sponsors/donors. They must also write a short summary on how pursuing this program/furthering their education will help them achieving their goals/lifetime goals/career path