Lifestyle Study (Online Survey)

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Lifestyle Study (Online Survey)

All indegenous Ghanaians 18 years and older can partake in this public health survey


Project Health Ghana, in collaboration with Martin Luther Health Institute, Kintampo, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, New Jersey , and Kintampo Health Research Centre is conducting research on understanding the risk of indigenous lifestyle practices of the indigenous Ghanaian -to understand the risk factors that lead to chronic diseases. Please sign the consent  form and proceed to answer the questionnaire. If there is anything you do not understand in the consent form below, please feel free to email the study PI at wilfred.agbenyikey@mlkhealthinstitute.gh.edu or send a Whatsapp  message to +1617 852 8520.


10-year longitudinal study of lifestyle and societal health perspectives in Ghana


This study aims to understand the risk factors that lead to chronic diseases. The risk factors include diet and eating patterns, smoking and alcohol and substance use, herbal and synthetic drug use, physical activity, cholesterol and hypertension, stress and workplace stress, religion, cultural mores, and extra-societal influences. We want to know more about these practices of Ghanaian that may be affecting our health status.


I acknowledge that I have read or have had the purpose and contents of the Participants’ Information Sheet read and all questions satisfactorily explained to me in a language I understand. I fully understand the contents and any potential implications as well as my right to change my mind (i.e. withdraw from the research) even after I have signed this form.

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