Dakura Malik

I am Dakura Malik, a medical laboratory science level 200 student, and I am putting forward my application for the George Agbenyikey Memorial Scholarships, which are offered to Martin Luther Health Training School students who are in need of financial assistance to finish their course of study.

I have been self-funding my current studies with part-time minor works. I do not come from a privilege background and my parents give all that they can, but the cost of a program that involves clinical training, purchasing of handouts, attending conferences in the period of study are monumental.

My career aim to become a Biomedical Scientist and Doctor in Medical Laboratory Science in the country. I have a month work experience lined up there at the end of this academic year and see it as the perfect start for my career. I want to bring a comprehensive standard, be committed to using clinical laboratory science for the good of all, work to advance professional knowledge and skills, adopt scientific advancements that benefit patients, and enhance test result delivery. Only with the assistance of financial support will that be possible.

I am still committed to pursuing my dream of working as a medical laboratory scientist. I have hope in my passion to learn, and I will be more than willing to put up the effort required to be successful at the College. I still need to find a way to make money to cover my academic fees, therefore the financial assistance from your scholarship grant would be very helpful to me. If I am fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship, none of the money will be misused.

I appreciate your consideration and time very much. Enclosed with my application is my admission letter and school fees for level 200 medical laboratory science.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Dakura Malik